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    On the 1July we will be launching our Professional Therapist Massage Cupolas. We have been trialing these now for a few months and they have been very popular in trials.  


    Designed and created by the founder of Azenti Organics they are exclusive to Azenti and only available to professional massage therapist, not only are they beneficial to the client, they are also beneficial to the Therapist and can help eliminate repetitive strain injuries that can often effect Massage Therapists.  Natural flower petals and other embellishments are incapsulated within these Cupolas making them visually attractive, they can be used both sides to alternate massage techniques. 


    For further info and to pre-order, please contact us at Azenti-organics@outlook.com


    In the pack you will receive:  


    -  2 x Massage Cupolas

    -  500ml of Azenti Professional Detox Massage Therapist Oil

    -  1 x large natural seashell holder

    -  Detailed Instructions for use in facial/body Massage



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    May is Melanoma Awareness Month, love the skin your in with our Free Skincare Masterclass.  Designed to provide you with information, guidance, and ideas for skin self help treatements, along with recipies you can make at home using ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboards. Email us at azenti-organics@outlook.com or complete the comment section below. 







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    The above link provides a league table of products that are using the term 'organic' on the product labels which are misleading consumers. The Soil Association are calling on brands to Come Clean about Beauty by responsibly using the terms organic and natural.


    Did you know that products only need to have 10% of organic ingredients in them to be certified as an organic product, the rest of the ingredients can be rubbish and contain some of the nasties that can cause harm. This is why we do not pay to get our products certified organic because it is not a true reflection of our products. Every ingredient in our products are organic and/or natural.  

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    A question that is in the Beauty Issue of the Stylist magazine today.  Intrigued to hear your comments




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