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    I dont know about you but the team here at Azenti are addicted to the beach, you can't beat a bit of beach therapy to blow away the cobwebs and re-energise. Within the next few weeks we will be launching our all natural and organic Vitamin Sea Body Polish, formulated with the seaside in mind. These have been so popular in our Spa that we have decided to make them available for sale after so many of our customers asked if they could purchase them.  The products are EU approved and will be available to purchase in the next few weeks.


    Unlike some of the main body scrubs that are available to purchase on the highstreet, our Azenti Body Polish has been formulated without using water as the main ingredient, in fact ours contains no water at all, meaning that the other ingredients in our products are not watered down and diluted, just 100% pure product to give your skin the maximum benefits it deserves.  Our products contain dead sea salt and are packed full of natural beneficial minerals along with oils that work wonders on your skin and will not clog the pores.


    We have six fragrances in total: 

    -  Chocolate Orange

    -  Gin & Tonic

    -  Mojito

    -  Frankincense & Mandarin 

    -  Pink Grapefruit 

    -  Coconut & Lime 


    All of the above scrubs contain organic essential oils apart from the Coconut & Lime product. This is because some essential oils can interfer with certian medical treatments and are also not advised to be used when pregnant.  We have therefore formulated the Coconut & Lime product using organic natural flavours in place of essential oils, this is so everyone can enjoy the benefits of our gorgeous products, the Coconut & Lime product can also be used as a natural lip scrub as it contains organic natural flavourings. 


    Pre-Order available soon, keep checking our website for details.  Be Beautiful Naturally with Azenti Organics.



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