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    Towards the end of this year we will be launching the Azenti Organics Foundation. Our Foundation is to support those that have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 


    As the founder of Azenti Organics, I am passionate about safe skin care products. I am a qualified aromatherapist and skin care professional. Here in the UK our cosmetic laws are much more strict than in the USA however, the use of some chemicals are still approved and some of the top named cosmetic producing companies are still using toxic chemicals,  chemicals that may have a link to cancer. 


    Anyone who has external beam radiotherapy may be at risk of some kind of skin damage during or after radiotherapy treatment.  The Azenti Foundation will be releasing a number of products especially for cancer patients that can help care for your skin during the radiotherapy process. We are also looking at producing specialist skin care products for ichthyosis suffers, another skin condition that causes continuous scaling of the skin and can affect the whole body.


    The Azenti Foundation will allow individuals to purchase our specialist products and donate them to a friend, colleague or family member who may be undergoing radiotherapy treatment or suffering from ichthyosis. 


    We will be releasing further details on these specialist products and The Azenti Foundation throughout the year on our Blog page of our website. Should you require any further information please do contact us on azenti-organics@outlook.com or use our 'Contact Form' at the base of our website home page.

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