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    Eat, drink, choose, use in Organic September, from organic food to organic beauty, but why choose organic? By using organic products you can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

    Organic food ensures the highest level of standards of animal welfare without the use drugs, antibiotics and wormers. Organic products are better for the planet, better for our wildlife and better for us. 

    As part of Organic September, Organic Beauty week runs from 19-25 September. The beauty products that you use topically on your skin can be absorbed in to the blood stream along with the nasty chemicals that they may contain. These can cause all sorts of problems including endocrine disruption. Our endocrine system is a network of hormones and glands that regulate our bodies. These chemicals can interfere with the body's endocrine system, they can interfere with your hormones producing adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune system effects on the body.  

    Look out for our offers and competition during Organic Beauty Week. 



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