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    In June 2019 we will be opening our Floral Design Studio.


    Who we are

    Welcome to Azenti Organics.  We are a professional Studio Floral Designer based in the West Midlands, we also have a retail section providing unique products and gift ideas that are all produced by our inhouse designers. 


    Why shop with Azenti

    Azenti Organics are Studio Floral Designers, we are different to florists.  We work from a Studio space and procure our florals at the point of order, we do not hold large volumes of florals and store them in buckets for any lenghty time, our florals are so fresh and are only procured from reputable floral industry expert wholesalers once you place an order, giving you longer shelf life.


    What we offer

    We provide bespoke Floral Designs for corporate companies, offices, nursing / retirement homes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, designs for special events such as corporate events, weddings and parties as well as for private homes.  We also have unique gift products, for example our unique Botanical Body Oils that have been passed and approved for sale in the UK and EU, containing real botanical petals from our lovely flowers.  We also offer rental of vases and other containers for your floral displays.


    For our corporate clients, we can provide Floral Designs for your reception area or client area on a weekly or two weekly basis, we hand deliver to our corporate clients and remove any previous floral designs, any designs that are still in flower will be recycled and donated to nursing homes or care homes and are then recycled in to compost when they are no longer in bloom.


    Benefits to the Customer

    Because we work from a Studio space and not a Florist Shop, the florals we use are the freshest you can get as we only purchase our florals once you have made an order.  We have minimal waste, therefore our wastage costs are not passed on to the customer.   We work with the customer and offer a consultation process by email, by phone or in person.  Our floral designs are unique and bespoke.  We also offer a Points Reward Scheme for our regular customers which never expire and can be used towards any of our products.


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