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    Many people may be worried about applying oils to their face. They automatically think that an oil will make their skin greasy or give them breakouts and presume that an oil will make skin more oily, and yet oil is one of the best products that you can use on delicate facial skin and is an underestimated skincare ingredient to add as part of your beauty routine. 


    The skin produces sebum, it's own natural moisturiser which prevents the skin from drying out and sebum production decreases with age. Clearly, over production of sebum leads to oily skin and under production leads to dry skin. A correctly formulated facial oil can regulate the production of sebum without drying the skin out for oil skin or adding much needed moisturisation for dry/mature skin.  


    We have spent a great deal of time formulating all of our facial oils to meet the needs of different skin types and will cover these in detail in separate blog posts look out for our first blog post covering our Oily/Combination Facial Oil.



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