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    Daren't I mention the end of Summer and the onset of Autumn but it is just around the corner. Below are some useful tips to get radiant, healthy skin during Autumn/Winter.


    #1 Your skin may look dull and dehydrated, now is the time to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells that may have built up due to sun damage. Gentle exfoliation will stimulate your skin and it will help your organic moisturiser penetrate deeper, exfoliating at least twice a week will get rid of the build up of dead skin cells. Using an oil based scrub is perfect for getting rid of the dead skins cells as well as adding hydration. We have a fantastic oil based, organic scrub due to be launched soon with revitalising organic oils and natural scrubby bits. 


    #2 Creams and lotions may dry out the skin so the use of an oil based moisturiser will protect your skin from moisture loss, our Facial Oils contain 100% organic oils with the added benefits of Organic Essential Oils.


    #3 Having an Oil Bath will nourish and do wonders for your skin, try adding one of our Bel Viso, Spa Grade Seashell balms in to your bath water and relax, please be mindful and use an anti-slip bath mat if you are going to have an Oil Bath.


    #4 Use a lip balm daily to keep your lips moisturised and to prevent cracking. Our LipBalms are 100% organic, perfect for adding extra hydration during the Autumn/Winter months. 


    #5 Body Brush every day with a good, dry body brush (available to purchase from Azenti soon). Body Brushing helps to boost the circulation and removes dead skin cells giving you an all over glow. 


    #6 Moisturise your body as well as your face. Our Bel Viso Elixir will also benefit your body, adding natural moisturisation with a collegen boost for gorgeous, glowing skin. 


    #7 Use warm tone makeup and ditch the pastel colours, burgundy's, browns and natural bronze tones will make you look radiant.


    #8 Use a good quality hand cream. Top Tip:  When you moisturise your face with any of our Facial Oils or Bel Viso Elixir, no need to wash your hands just massage the oils in to your hands for super soft silky hands. 


    #9 Drink plenty of water for added hydration and eat a wholesome balanced diet. Eat foods that are rich in health unsaturated fats such as olive oil, these foods helps to keep the skin looking its best.


    #10 Stay active, it benefits your mind, body and skin.

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